My Journey to Keeping Fit with Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a weight-loss diet plan that uses prepackaged foods and food suggestions to help you control your calorie intake. The company has over 40 years offering weight loss results backed up by testimonies of customer satisfaction. They have their meals, and they select the right portion for you. Although most of the times you will eat what in the plan, you are also free to eat other stuff as long as the plan suggests it. After you join the plan, you will see results after the first five days.

Best Nutrisystem Coupons To Use

To ensure that you succeed in your weight loss journey, Nutrisystem offers you a basic plan that goes for only $194.99. This saves you over $220, and that is not all, Go to DebraMoorhead blog to find the best Nutrisystem coupons. There is the 40% coupon that is available on every order made. It comes with free shakes, bars, & free shipping. If you have diabetes and are on a weight-loss journey, you can use the 40%-off diabetes plan that comes with free bards, shakes, and free FedEx shipping.

If you are new to using Nutrisystem, you can get the $ 100 off coupon by signing up for the Nutrisystem email. The offer will get you best deals that you cannot get even from the most respectable coupon websites. Once you have an email, you will start getting best deals on a weekly basis regardless of where you are. The offer is available on any plan you sign up for in which case you will get a $100 discount.

The sweet deal does not end there. Once you visit the trusted coupon sites such as Group-On and click on the $50-off link, you automatically activate the sale. In this case, you will get $25 off for your first two orders adding up to a total of $50. In addition to the discount, you also get free bars and shakes on top of having you whole package shipped to you free of charge.

Nutrisystem Dietary Plan Reviews

Nutrisystem offers weight loss program for people dealing with weight issues. Teens between 14 and 17 years have their plan. However, the company does not recommend it for children under 14 years, pregnant women, and people with chronic kidney diseases. It also advises people with special diet needs and those with certain allergies to avoid it. Anyone else can follow the plan, which is as follows.

Breakfast you have the option of taking oatmeal, pancakes, granola, and muffins. For lunch, you can make chicken and pasta, pizza, tacos, stew, and chili. You can sneak in desserts, cookies, cakes, and brownies in between the meals. In addition to these, the plan also has an extensive list of fruits and fresh meat, nuts, veggies, dairies, and other foods that you can eat. The best thing about the plan is that you get all the stuff from Nutrisystem.


The plan ensures that you get half of your calories from carbs, 25% from fats, and the rest 25% from proteins. Also, the plan ensures that you limit your intake on high GI-foods such as white rice, white bread, and certain fruits. The dietary plan has a calorie count that enables you to lose a pound or two every week. However, there is an exception of “Lean 13.” It can help women lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in a month while men can shed off 15 pounds and 7 inches in the same time span.

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Combining Nutrisystem with Weight Loss Exercise

You should combine your Nutrisystem plan with 150 minutes moderate physical exercise on a weekly basis. The plan comes with My Daily 30 Program. This program ensures that you exercise for 30 minutes each day. The program is helpful in boosting your metabolic burn. Doing so maximizes your weight loss and fat burning journey.

The program comes with an extensive list of exercise suggestions customized to ensure that you find the right type of training. You can choose between shorter and longer sessions but ensure you include two days per week for strength building. After two weeks, you can continue with the program, or you can choose a different way of performing the exercises. Try it today. You will receive great value for your money. It is the best weight loss program in the world. You and your family members will love what it will do for you. Go on. Give it a try and you will be among those who succeeded with Nutrisystem!