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Nutrisystem is a 28-day weight loss diet program that offers a pre-cooked and frozen food delivery for every of those 28 days. Package for a day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack with a broad range of 150+ menu options available, depending on the chosen program. There are four programs available; Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, and Vegetarian. The base of every of those programs is a low-calorie intake and a variety of healthy foods. Nutrisystem also offers a 24/7 counseling support with operators available 24/7. Exercise is optional but recommended if the client is in optimal physical condition for it.

Nutrisystem Coupons for February and March 2017

Nutrisystem is one of the diet programs that enables discounts by using Nutrisystem coupons and promo codes. You can sign-up to the community and expect to receive the info on the latest discount codes and special offers. The perfect motivation for weight loss is when you can also save money while doing it, so use the discounts maximally and achieve goals sooner. With a food delivery on your door, you don’t need to spend valuable energy on going in shopping, searching for the food to buy, and then count calories for every of these foods and meals you’re making. Instead, the better idea seems to spend time on something else, eating healthy food and still losing weight, and with coupons, you can save money to buy new clothes that will fit you after the whole process. The first program you can choose, the Basic Plan, is available at 53% discount and goes from $423.06 to $224.99. One that offers a bit more variety – Core, ranges from $453.83 to $244.99, and the one that’s tailored exactly to your taste and offers the widest food variety – Uniquely Yours, from $515.37 to $284.99 after using a coupon. Nutrisystem apparently thought on everything, so they added the program for vegetarians too, and the discount that goes with it. The original price is $515.37, but with the promo code you can get it for $284.99 and save $230(!). With the prices this low it is hard not to pick Nutrisystem when choosing a diet program. The best thing to do is follow discount codes and wait for the opportunity that will lead you in the right direction. Discounts are just a present from Nutrisystem for a healthier start of the new era in your life.

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Nutrsystem Diet Plans Reviewed

  1. The Basic Plan is a 4-week plan that offers four meals for women, and 5 for men per day. Because the men spend more calories than women, they also get one extra snack, along with the standard breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Turbo Takeoff is a first-week package included in every of these programs that come with all the meals, a shake, and a bar for a turbo start of your weight loss. The menus in Basic Favorites Pack are pre-planned and include pre-selected customer-favorite food.
  2. Core Custom Menu offers the choice between 100 foods. It is utterly practical, especially after the Basic Pack that is most common for the beginners.
  3. The Uniquely Yours Custom Menu is the most personalized program of all. With the standard four meals for women, 5 for men, and Turbo Takeoff package, the food choice is extremely wide and includes 150 frozen and non-frozen foods, which ensures that the taste won’t always be the same, which precisely characterizes the most diets today.
  4. And the last – Vegetarian Custom Menu, has all the preferences as the latter, and also 150 various foods that will satisfy all vegetarian needs.

Nutrisystem Results – Does Nutrisystem Work?

Nutrisystem’s convenience and suitability are two things that make this diet plan great. While you don’t have to worry about cooking nor counting calories, this program offers just about everything obligatory for a healthy weight loss; low-calorie intake, a variety of healthy foods with lots of fiber and essential micronutrients, and the ability for adjustment to the individual. According to many users, the food taste is better than expected, considering the food is prepacked and frozen, so that’s one more reason for trying it. One more thing that makes this plan better than the others is the fact that it’s based on scientific studies and nutrition ”laws”, which definitely increases its already existing credibility. The person who sticks with the plan can lose 1-2 lbs per week and acquire priceless, healthy new habits.

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