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e-Portfolios are becoming well established in the health profession as a means of facilitating and demonstrating learning and assessment.  Within the KSS Deanery, all ACCS trainees are expected to maintain an e-Portfolio as evidence of learning and progression.

It is the responsibility of the trainee to keep up-to-date accounts of their teaching and experience and to ensure that sufficient numbers of assessments are completed.  The content of the e-Portfolio feeds directly into the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and ultimately, the final sign-off of Acute Care Common Stem Training.

To get an e-portfolio account you will need to register with the relevant college to your ACCS exit specialty.You will need to ensure you keep your eportfolio up to date as this will be used as evidence for your ARCP.

 If you have any queries or issues about your eportfolio which you cannot resolve locally or through contacting the helpdesk, please contact the Committee at accs@kssdeanery.ac.uk .


 e-Portfolio users for Acute Medicine

 The JRCPTB eportfolio can be accessed at : www.nhseportfolios.org

The eportfolio user guide and contact details for the helpdesk team can be found at:


 Helpdesk: ePortfolioteam@jrcptb.org.uk


e-Portfolio users for Emergency Medicine

Information on how to register for a CEM e-portfolio account, downloadable forms and a user guide can be found here:


Trainees need to return a new user details form to the College at the start of each training year in August.

The CEM eportfolio can be accessed at : www.nhseportfolios.org

 Helpdesk : Training@collemergencymed.ac.uk


e-Portfolio users for Anaesthetics

The Royal College of Anaesthetics (RCOA) has introduced a new e-portfolio site as of August 2011.

The RCOA e-portfolio can be accessed at: https://www.trainingeportfolio.rcoa.ac.uk/login

For more information, a user guide and contact details for the helpdesk, please visit the RCOA homepage and click on the eportfolio link.

 Helpdesk : e-portfolio@rcoa.ac.uk