What You Need To Do

Register with the Joint Royal College of Physicians Board (JRCPTB)

It is a mandatory requirement for all trainees to be registered with the appropriate Royal College, therefore all trainees must be registered with the JRCPTB.  If you are not registered KSS will be unable complete your Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).


How to enrol:


In order to register on the JRCPTB website you will require the following codes:


·        KSS Deanery Acute Medicine GMC training approval code: LON/SRT241

·        Your personal National Training Number

·        To register for an account, trainees are required to follow the links on the JRCPTB website


Meet with your Educational & Clinical Supervisors

You will be allocated an educational supervisor either for the whole of your rotation or for each clinical placement. The Educational Supervisor (ES) has an overview of your training and is responsible for your educational planning and career development.


It is your responsibility to arrange regular meetings with your ES to ensure your e-Portfolio is reviewed.  It is recommended that the ES should spend the equivalent of 1 hour per week per trainee to allow time for educational support through appraisal, assessment, teaching or support:


As you rotate through each post you will also be supervised clinically by an allocated clinical supervisor who is responsible for your on-the-job, day-to-day clinical work. Please understand that completion of your required appraisals, assessments and e-Portfolio record is your responsibility.


Appraisal: a formative process to enable trainees to develop; a system of cyclical reviews setting personal objectives and evaluating progress against them. Value is primarily for the trainee.


Assessment : a summative process evaluating performance against predetermined criteria; the value is both for the trainee and for regulation.


Ensure you regularly and frequently update your e-Portfolio and complete your assessments; arrange appointments with your ES in a timely fashion. The more (quality) evidence you have in your e-Portfolio the more likely the time spent with your ES will be productive in terms of addressing your PDP and educational planning.


Your ES will seek feedback on performance from clinical supervisors.


During the years you are training in General Internal Medicine, as well as Acute Medicine, you will need to conduct WPBA, both in GIM and Acute Medicine.  Similarly, you should be involved in GIM audit and attend GIM Regional Training Days. 


If you have difficulty identifying or meeting with your educational supervisor you should approach your College Tutor or Training Programme Director.


Review the ARCP Decision Aid

The JRCPTB have produced an ARCP Decision Aid for both Acute Medicine abd GIM which advise on the number of assessments required at each stage of your Dual Accredited Acute Medicine and GIM training respectively. This along with more detailed guidance on the ARCP process can be found on the Annual Review of Competence Progression page.

 Complete Workplace Based Assessments (WBA’s)

All trainees are required to undertake regular workplace-based assessments which illustrate their learning throughout the course of their training. These WBA’s are reviewed against both the Acute Medicine and GIM Decision Aid at each ARCP in order to recognise the progress of each trainee. Further information can be found on the JRCPTB website.