Teaching & Learning

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How do I learn and work at the Same time?

You are now in the world of adult learning. This requires initiative and dedication from you as a learner. Your supervisors are there to guide you and to advise on resources to use. They are not there to directly tell you everything in the curriculum.

Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning

Every patient, encounter, every ward round, every time you are quizzed by a seniot is an opportunity for learning. In other words your day to day work is your medical apprenticeship.

Formal Teaching

Departmental teaching programmes, regional training days and journal clubs are all protected time learning opportunities.

 National Courses

Use your study leave to ensure that you attend ATLS, ALS, APLS, revision courses and other nationally recognised learning opportunities.

Private Study

Do not under estimate the value of background reading and private study. Use a revision timetable based on the curriculum. Decide on a topic and revise it in a block - anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. Try to relate to clinical circumstances. It will be easier to recall the information if you can relate it to a clinical circumstance.


Your Educational Supervisor will feedback to you during appraisal meetings. Informal feedback can always be obtained and should form part of your reflective practice. Ensure you meet your timetable for supervision meetings.