KSS Deanery School of Psychiatry: Trainee Essay Prize


Essay Prize Flyer 2013.pdf


The title of the essay is:

"From your experience at your Medical School of Qualification which Psychiatrist has most influenced the local practice or you?"

• Essays should be no more than 1,500 Words and double spacing should be used.

• The essay should be emailed to psychiatry@kssdeanery.ac.uk

• Only one submission will be permitted per trainee (KSS managed trainees only: CT1-3/ST3-5)

• The presented work should be wholly your own endeavour

• Deadline for submitting the essay is Sunday 10th February 2013 (Midnight).

Late Submissions will not be considered

• It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the essay has been received by KSS Deanery. You will receive an email to confirm receipt of essay within 2 working days


Please email your essay to KSS Deanery:


Please note: the file name must contain the name of the submitter e.g. essaypaperjohnsmith

Deadline for Submission is

Sunday 10th February 2013 (Midnight).

A prize will be given to the best essay!