The Deanery Board will:


i)              promote excellence and innovation in postgraduate education and encourage and develop educational research including development and evaluation of assessment and learning


ii)             oversee the business planning process for the Deanery as a provider within the context of SHA commissioning of postgraduate medical and dental education, undergraduate and post graduate pharmacy education and possible future national commissioning


iii)            add value to and promote the success of the Deanery as an organisation both nationally and regionally


iv)           assure all stakeholders that work with the Deanery on a regional basis that the work of the Deanery is equitable, in particular, in its allocation of finances, quality management processes and operational contracting with Local Education Providers


v)            assist the Dean Director in setting strategic direction and effective educational management capacity and capability


vi)           oversee the Deanery communication strategy in order to ensure engagement of all stakeholders.


vii)          take a lead role in the appointment of the senior staff


viii)         review the overall performance element of the evidence required by the commissioner to meet national regulatory standards and local key performance indicators.


Its principal functions are to:


i)               receive reports from the Dean Director and other Deans


ii)              consider and approve the Deanery strategic direction and business plan


iii)             approve and review the Deanery financial plan


iv)            receive and comment on the national workforce plans


v)             receive and approve the Deanery quality management reports


vi)            receive and comment on GMC and other national reports


vii)           appoint Appeals Committees as required


viii)          receive and comment on the risk register and escalate any risks to the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) Board of Directors.


The Chair will be responsible for the operation of the Deanery Board, ensuring that it makes an effective contribution to the governance of the Deanery and its pursuit of quality and excellence.  The Chair will work closely with the Dean Director and the Secretary of the Deanery Board and will ensure that key and appropriate issues are discussed by the Deanery Board in a timely manner and that relevant information and advice is made available to the Deanery Board to inform the debate and decision-making process.


Membership of the Deanery Board


The membership of the Deanery Board will comprise:


  • From the Deanery: the Dean Director, the GP Dean and the Chief Operating Officer


  • From the Brighton and Sussex Medical School: the Dean or designated representative


  • From the SHA: the director responsible for commissioning postgraduate medical, dental and pharmacy education


  • From a Higher Education Institute: 2 representatives elected from the HEI college arrangement with a minimum of one place to be reserved for either the University of Kent or the University of Surrey


  • From local acute Education Providers: 3 representatives elected through the LEP college arrangement based on the 3 counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex


  • From the 3 county based Mental Health Trusts: 1 representative


  • From the 3 new county based PCT clusters: 1 representative


  • An independent Educationalist


The Deanery Board will meet monthly in the first instance.


The Membership of the Deanery Board will be based on the principle of no substitutes.


June 2011