Dental Foundation Training

Foundation Training in General Dental Practice is mandatory in the UK for all dental graduates from UK schools who wish to practice in the National Health Service under their own contract number. Recent graduates join an approved practice as a salaried assistant with a General Dental Practitioner who has been appointed as a trainer for a period of one year full-time (or up to two years part-time). All Foundation Dental Practitioners (trainees) attend a course of 30 study days over one year.

General Dental Practitioners may apply to become a trainer and, if short-listed, the applicants attend a formal interview with a selection panel. Application forms are available from October each year (and can be downloaded from this website).  Interviews will be conducted at the Deanery offices in London during January. All administration, in respect of the trainer application and recruitment process, is handled by Iris Handy.

Newly appointed trainers are required to attend induction courses and experienced trainers are required to attend update courses on a regular basis. These are arranged by the Associate Dean, Dental Foundation Training and administered by Iris Handy.

DF1 National Recruitment - 2012

Important information regarding the DF1 National Recruitment application process can be found on the COPDEND website (  Any enquiries concerning the application process can be submitted to