Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance

The Deanery has continued to roll out the Clinical Governance package. The success of this package is reflected in the enormous popularity of the Key Skills; around which the concept is built. The Deanery has now appointed Christine Sherwood and Jacqui Elsden who are our Dental Education Facilitators.

They are able to visit participating practices and give support, helping the practice team use the resources in the Deanery package. This will deliver the Clinical Governance evidence required by the Healthcare Commission's Seven Domains. They are concentrated in the Sussex area where the PCT has embraced this programme as the key component of its Clinical Governance compliance procedure.

The package is made up as follows:-

1. Clinical Governance Pathway programme which comprises a folder and CD-ROM.

2. Key Skills in Primary Dental Care

3. Risk Management CD-ROM

4. Seminars Smile-On's Clinical Governance Pathway consists of a folder, CD-ROM, book, and website support area.

Its structure follows Standards for Better Health published by the Department of Health in July 2004. While not specific to dentistry, the document sets out the level of quality all organisations providing NHS care will be expected to meet or aspire to across the NHS in England.

Standards for Better Health sets out seven domains and 24 core standards. The seven domains in which your practice will undertake activity while undertaking this clinical governance pathway are:

1. Safety

2. Clinical and Cost Effectiveness

3. Governance

4. Patient focus

5. Accessible and responsive care

6. Care environment and amenities

7. Public health.

Within the domains are 24 core standards (CS) that service levels healthcare providers should meet. The standards are generic to healthcare organisations, but this programme has applied them to general dental practice.

The Key Skills in Primary Dental Care Package is made up of seven topics identified by the FGDP (UK) as areas of core knowledge for general dental practise, and as such touch on a number of quality assurance initiatives, which is why we have included them as part of this programme. Historically dentists completed a Key Skills 'portfolio' to demonstrate their understanding of the topics as part of the coursework module for the MFGDP.

However, this new CD-ROM based training package can serve as an educational tool for any member of the team. Should you like to undertake the MJDF, this package will help you build your portfolio for submission to the FGDP. The seven key skills are:.

1. Infection Control

2. Legislation and Good Practice Guidelines

3. Medical Emergencies

4. Radiography

5. Record Keeping

6. Risk Management and Communication

7. Team Training

The necessity for the whole practice to engage is now becoming more and more essential, the direct responsibility that PCTs will have for Clinical Governance in practise and the opening of the GDC register to the whole team is a clear indicator that the Governance processes should be the responsibility of and embraced by the whole practice team.

If you have any queries regarding this programme please contact me, or any of the team, at the Deanery.

John Darby Associate Dean, Primary Care