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School of Clinical Leadership
KSS Deanery
Leadership Education
Accreditation Programme (LEAP)
KSS Deanery Education Department invites Directors of Medical Education, Local Faculty Group Leads and Deputy Leads, College Tutors and other interested clinicians from NHS Trusts in Kent, Surrey and Sussex to one day workshops relating to the LEAP programme. Leadership skills and attitudes are now embedded within speciality curricula and foundation programmes. This workshop explores how opportunities for leadership learning can be created for trainee doctors and how these can be assessed.
Workshop Content
The workshop is highly interactive and participants are given the opportunity to explore a range of issues including: Defining leadership  The relationship between leadership and management  Exploring how the curriculum, competency framework and assessment strategy can be used to assess leadership A third of the day is focussed on addressing issues in your local Trust, these sessions can include, for example:  Ethical leadership  Linking leadership education with core business  Linking leadership education with service improvement  Group dynamics There is no charge for attending this workshop for those working in the KSS region.
Very interesting day with good interactive sessions – much better than cold theory! … some useful insights into leadership in the medical world … has set a ‘framework’ to consider leadership as an integral part of management and education
For further information or to book please visit: www.kssdeanery.ac.uk/leap
Preparing Doctors to Lead
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