Interviews and testimonials - "My QESP Experience"


D Firth interview - 06.02.2009.mp3

G Dewhurst interview - 10.03.2009.mp3


Listen to interviews by consultants who have completed the QESP course. Please note: you will need Flash installed on your computer to be able to listen to the interviews in your browser - click on the Attachments.

 1. David Firth

"I ask whether there are things that I could be doing in educational supervision that would make the process better for them ... a very fascinating, rewarding and enriching experience."

2. Graeme Dewhurst

"I've recommended it to everyone I've met ... All the people who've taken my advice, nobody's regretted it."

3. Humphrey Scott

"Innovative idea and project.  It is important to have consultants recognised as trainers."