PG Certificate Managing Medical Careers

The KSS Deanery runs, through its partnership with the University of Brighton, a Postgraduate Certificate programme which has, as its specialist focus on managing medical careers.


The course is designed to offer participants an opportunity to become more proficient in the provision of career support to medical students and junior doctors.

Who Should Apply

  • Faculty Career Leads
  • Educational Supervisors
  • Medical Education Managers
  • Other professionals interested in medical education e.g. medical staffing, HR, librarians etc

The Course

  • The Course comprises of three modules each comprising 20 credits towards the Certificate
  • Part of the Graduate Programme in Health and Social Science
  • Progression route to an MSc in Professional Development
  • Open to Students without a first degree but with substantial experience 

Modular Study

  • Sessions run by educationalists and career specialists from the KSS Deanery, senior clinicians and academics
  • Teaching by lectures, group discussion, individual tutorials and student presentations
  • Considerable independent study
  • Study using University of Brighton Student Central

What is the time commitment for this course?

Each module involves 4 study days per term plus one day delivered “virtually” and there are 3 terms per year. The study days will be held at the Deanery in London starting at 9.30 and finishing at 16.00.

The “virtual day” will require participants to work individually on a specific activity eg case study with supporting article(s), and then contribute to a discussion group on Student Central (a managed virtual learning environment).

The discussion will be asynchronous and participants will be able to choose when they are able to contribute to the discussion.

An important part of the course is reflection on your practice. This will involve some reflection time, note taking and preparing to contribute to sessions (intersessional tasks) on top of your normal workload. Most importantly you will be expected to read around career issues in preparation for assignments and teaching sessions.

It is difficult to quantify this but, at postgraduate level, you should expect to spend more time reading around the subject than at teaching sessions.

Time and Place

The course will start in January 2011 and is based at:

KSS Deanery,
7 Bermondsey Street
London, SE1 2DD

Application Procedure

There will be an open-day on 6th May, from 2-4pm at the University of Brighton and 14th July, from 5-7pm at KSS. See below for flyers.

The Application process is now open (interviews are held on a rolling programme) and closes 17th September 2010.

For essential guidance on applying, please download the applicant handbook from the downloads area, below.

For any other queries, please contact the Interim Accredited Programmes Manager or call 020 7415 3451.

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