School of Surgery Regional Training Day - Sussex

Surgery Regional Training Day - Sussex

School of Surgery

Subject:  T&O/Urolog

See the School of Surgery's Core Training Days page for further information about upcoming events.

Each Trust (and subspecialities within that Trust) has its own teaching programme, which may involve bedside teaching, teaching at MDTs, seminars and journal clubs.

In addition, KSS has developed three regional teaching programmes which are based on the ISCP curriculum and will enable trainees to progress through the MRCS examinations. There is also an annual trainee audit and research presentation day.

Trainees are all encouraged to submit work to this. Basic surgical skills, CrISP and ATLS courses are available at many KSS Trusts. KSS surgical trainees are given preferential opportunity to enlist on these courses and it is expected that all trainees will have completed them within CST.

The School has secured funding for the eSTEP programme which will be provided without charge to surgical trainees in the 2010-11 academic year. We are hopeful that this will continue in subsequent years.

Teaching, while split over the KSS patch, follows a common programme to mirror each other. They are held on different dates, so if you cannot attend the teaching day within your county, you will have the opportunity to go to another county.

Your first choice should however be within your own county. Permission must be sought from your local Programme Director if you have to attend a teaching day out of county.

Start Time/Date: 
Fri, 28/01/2011 - 09:00 - 17:00
Conquest Hospital