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CLICK HERE to view HE KSS Presentation at the Practice Manager's Conference (10th Dec 2013)


Health Education KSS recognises the important role that the Practice Manager has in the training practice in supporting GP Trainers, Clinical Supervisors and trainees in their Foundation and GP Specialty Training placements as well as the new Paramedic Practitioner Student placements.

This web page has been created to support Practice Managers and is where you will find the Practice Managers Handbook and other helpful resources including the current Study Leave Guidance and a link to the Single Employer Acute Trust (SEAT) webpage.

HE KSS also supports Training Practice Managers by inviting them to attend meetings. These normally occur twice a year, with one at the local county level and the GP Patch Manager for your area will be able to give you details about these.


CLICK HERE for the Department of Postgraduate GP Education Contact List


We welcome your feedback on this website on how we can improve our services, please contact the Primary Care Business Manager Sandra Forster with your comments and suggestion.


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