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**** GP Mentoring & Career Support Programme Workshop ****

Book online now! ~ Thursday 17th May 2012 @ Holiday Inn, Gatwick

Mentoring Matters!

The Mentoring Programme is designed as an important source of educational support for doctors in General Practice. This Deanery has run a mentoring scheme since 1995. The Deanery offers you the opportunity of involvement in the Mentoring programme as a routine part of your personal and professional development on joining General Practice in whatever capacity.

Mentors are carefully selected and trained. They are experienced GPs with empathic communication and support skills. Mentors have regular and ongoing supervision to complement their role.

We have divided our mentoring information into the following areas


Contact Information

Access to the Mentoring Programme is through this website or by contacting

The CPD Manager; KSS GP Deanery, 7, Bermondsey Street, London SE1 2DD  

Mentoring Group Conveners

A mentoring support system is operated by KSS Deanery. Please contact the Mentor Group Convener (MGC) for your area or patch if you have any questions: