Specialty Registrar Feedback on Training Placements


Specialty Registrar Feedback Survey

The KSS GP School places very great importance on the feedback it receives from our trainees about the placements that they have experienced.

This feedback is essential to the development of our GP Trainers and Educational and Clinical Supervisors, both in hospital and in general practice, and to the training placements.

This feedback can be delivered online and does not take long to do, and we would like every doctor in GP training in the KSS GP School to feedback at the end of each of their placements in ST1 and ST2, both in hospital and in general practice. In your ST3 placement in GP you should do this both after your first 6 months and the end of the placement.

In addition FY2 doctors undertaking a General Practice placement should also complete the appropriate survey below.

In general practice, your GP Trainer should remind you of this, but the GP School considers the giving of feedback a necessary professional obligation for all doctors in training.

These surveys have been compiled with the help and support of the GP Specialty Registrar Committee of the KSS GP School.

Please choose the type of feedback you wish to provide

Thank you for your help. If you have any queries about the survey, please contact GP Patch Managment Administrator: Sharon Norton or Tel: (020) 7415 3671