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The GP Curriculum

The KSS GP School provides a strong and robust framework of educational support for its GPStRs. The training programme is delivered over the three years within the context of gradually increasing skills, knowledge and competency related to being a general practitioner as detailed in the RCGP GP Curriculum.

AiT Registration Guide for August 2010

This registration is completed in two parts. You MUST complete both parts in order to gain access to your ePortfolio and benefits of AiT membership. Full registration could take up to 30 minutes to complete

The 'Step-by-step to Registration' and 'Help choosing a package' documents are available to download from this page

Trainees - Timeline of ARCP and assessments through the training year

 A copy of the KSS Deanery ARCP Quality Management Guidelines can be downloaded from the following web page:

Important deadlines and dates for 2012 are detailed in the document - ASSESSMENT/REVIEW TIMELINES FOR GP TRAINEES 2011-12 that can be downloaded from this page