Induction & Refresher Training and Doctors Retainer Scheme

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Looking to return to work in the NHS?

GPs from the EU wishing to work in the UK?

Doctors looking to work part time?

We hope the following will be helpful in offering advice about the current situation with regard to seeking either to work as a GP in the UK if you are coming from the European Union and have been asked to undertake Induction training, or are seeking a return to work as a GP or are looking to maintain your skills as a doctor but feel unable to commit to a substantive post because of other life roles.

Both the Induction & Refresher Scheme and Doctors Retainer Scheme are education schemes supported by HE KSS, but which one is the most appropriate for you?

The Induction Refresher Scheme

The Department of Health and RCGP recommends a period of refresher training:

  • If a doctor has been out of clinical general practice for less than two years you would not normally be eligible for a formal Induction /Refresher training
  • The scheme should be considered mandatory if you have been out of clinical general practice for five years.
  • For doctors who have been out of clinical general practice between two and five years depending on previous experience, experience in other specialities or roles related to medicine a flexible approach may be adopted.

 and Induction training for:

  • Any IMG or EU GP who has not worked in UK general practice, whether they wish to work in a practice or in an out-of-hours organisation.

More detailed guidance can be found on the Induction & Refresher Page 

The Retainer Scheme

The GP Retainer Scheme was developed to allow doctors, who have personal reasons for wishing to undertake a lesser amount of clinical work, to keep in touch with General Practice and retain their skills without having to work in a substantive post as a GP partner or salaried doctor. The scheme provides support to such doctors and offers an option to locum work.

The retainer scheme is not designed for doctors with portfolio careers whose intention it is to work full time, General Practice being just one area of their work.

The scheme is a combination of service commitment and continuing professional development.  A retainer doctor works in a practice approved by HE KSS Department of Postgraduate GP Education.  The practice provides educational support and in recognition of this receives reimbursement in the form of a grant.

More detailed guidance can be found on the Retainer page