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This page contains useful links, and key documents (in the Downloads area) which will be of use to trainees when deciding whether and how to embark on less than full time training. The resources will be developed over time and trainees are encouraged to contact the LTFT Training Team to communicate details of any information which they would be keen to access from the LTFT Training website.


KSS Less than Full Time Training Policy

The KSS Less than Full Time Training Policy provides advice on guidance on how LTFT Training works in KSS Deanery and includes our principles and aims for meeting the demand for LTFT Training across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Less than Full Time Training Publications

  • 'Doctors in flexible training - Principles underpinning the new arrangements for flexible training'- outlined the principles following the changes to the payment arrangements. 
  • Doctors in flexible training – Equitable pay for flexible medical training’- outlines what a trainee's pay is likely to be working less than full time. 

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