LEP Visits Documents


LEP Visits Procedure version 1.6.doc

Calendar for School Quality Management Visits to LEPs.pdf

Visit Report Template.doc

Visiting Team Pro Forma.doc

Question Prompt.doc

Headline feedback form.doc

Action Planning Template.doc

GMC - The trainee Doctor Feb11.pdf

GMC - Gold Guide Jun10 4th Ed.pdf

GMC - Tomorrows Doctors Sep09.pdf


In this section of the website LEP visitors can find the KSS Deanery 'LEP Visit Procedure' and other general documents that are used at various stages during the visiting process.


1. LEP VISITS PROCESS TIMELINE - Includes all steps in the process from planning stages and the visits for the year


2. ALL LEPS VISITS TIMELINES - Includes all LEPs visits timelines only

These timelines show the relevant stages of the visiting process before the LEP visits take place.


When going over the relevant event with the mouse a box pops up showing a short description of the event as well as the start and end date of the task. If it is a single date event only the due date will show in the pop up.

Events that are more important appear in a bigger size on the timeline.

When clicking on a specific event a bigger box pops up showing additional details, relevant notes and the department who is responsible for that action.


LEP Visit schedule for 2012-2013