School of Clinical Leadership

The KSS School of Clinical Leadership

Clinical leadership is now recognised as an integral part of professional practice for doctors.

There is a significant body of research which charts the association between engagement with clinical leadership and good patient care.

"Making change actually happen takes leadership. It is central to our expectations of the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.” (Next Stage Review: High Quality Care for All, July 2008)

"It is not enough for a clinician to act as a practitioner in their own discipline. They must act as partners to their colleagues, accepting shared accountability for the service provided to their patients. They are also expected to offer leadership and to work with others to change systems when it is necessary for the benefit of patients.” (Tomorrow’s Doctors, September 2009)

"Being a good doctor means more than simply being a good clinician. In their day-to-day role doctors can provide leadership to their colleagues and vision for the organisations in which they work and for the profession as a whole." (Leadership and Management for All Doctors, January 2012)

The Deanery is at the forefront in the delivery of leadership education and has a variety of initiatives to support basic learning about leadership and further development in the form of fellowships and academic qualifications.

On this website you can find out how your Trust or specialty can take part in the teaching of clinical leadership and you can find resources to help you.

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