Leadership Fellows Comments from last year

About the first group

The first group of 7 Leadership Fellows successfully completed the programme in September 2010. The following comments made by these fellows at the conclusion of the programme are illustrative of general trends in their learning journey:

This fellowship year has been a unique and rich learning opportunity, I have obviously read widely with the MSc and also begun to get more involved in leadership issues across the NHS, through attending conferences and national meetings. However the opportunity to work alongside senior executives, managers and clinicians, for such an extended period of time at a top acute hospital, in a demanding climate has been a real privilege... I have a long way to go in becoming the clinical leader I would like to be, but am extremely satisfied to be told that in my role at my workplace I have made a difference to patients and staff in this year. I feel over the year I have built not only on my strengths but appreciated that in order to adapt and lead in different circumstances or with different teams, you have to concentrate on taking account of your weaknesses and being flexible in your approach.”

(Secondary Care Registrar, KSS Leadership Fellow 2009-2010).

"Over the last year my eyes have been opened to the world of management and leadership. One of the biggest things which I have learnt is about the complexity of the management world and the wide variety of variables which have to be understood and dealt with on a daily basis. This became more evident when undertaking my projects on service planning and strategy, where I discovered that the interplay of a large number of variables can have a major impact on the success of a project….Overall, I feel that this year has offered me invaluable experience and taught me skills which I feel will aid me in moving forwards in my career. I hope to develop my leadership skills as I progress in my career and am able to take on more responsibility. I feel that I now have the knowldege and experience, and look forward to applying this in practice in the future."

(GP, KSS Leadership Fellow 2009-2010).